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"Santiago" chinchilla's is the founder and breeder of the new "BLUE DIAMOND" Mutation - ©2008 "Santiago"

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"SANTIAGO" Blue Diamond
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    Welcome on the website of Chinchilla's "SANTIAGO"
    Sunday, June 01, 2008
    We are Bert and Coby Bouwens

    The parents from Bert started breeding chinchillas in 1960. Already as a small boy Bert had to help with caring for the animals and he quickly developed affection for chinchillas. He started breeding with some himself and has gotten more interested in chinchillas ever since.

    You can imagine that in these early days of chinchilla breeding a lot of things were not known about how to care or house chinchillas, what feed to give, how to cure and prevent diseases, etc.
    Over the years we have obtained much experience in all these matters.

    Why the name ‘SANTIAGO’

    The father from Bert chose this because Santiago is the capital of Chili, which is the country where most of the remaining wild chinchillas lived. The name has become well known in the chinchilla world and we have therefore always kept it.

    After 17 years in the background Coby has become full time involved in caring for the chinchillas in 1999.

    Our aims are:
    Maintaining good healthy chinchillas of Top Quality.
    Breeding as many different mutations as possible while maintaining top quality.
    Creating new mutations is one of our main challenges.
    We put high value on being able to guarantee helathy animals with a good character.

    To maintain high quality we only use the best Standard chinchillas.
    We regularly buy animals from other top breeders in other countries to prevent inbreeding. Naturally, these are selected from the best bloodlines.
    We collaborate with Ivan Ongley in the UK in creating new colour mutations.

    Every year we attend several shows in Europe, with the aim to maintain and initiate contact with other breeders and exchange experiences.
    This also allows us to evaluate if we are still among the top breeders, which is confirmed by the many trophies we have won.

    450 breeding animals in range of colour and colour combinations allow us to breed the animal you are looking for.

    We do not have re-sellers who sell chinchillas under our name.


    Mail us.

    We are de founders of the new Blue Diamond color

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